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Here we have answered the most common questions we receive about supplementary information, selection and various aspects of the Admission Decision.

Frequently asked questions and answers

On Universityadmissions.se you will find up-to-date information on how admission works, more information on eligibility and selection, and answers to the most frequently asked questions about how to apply.

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Admissions information for EU citizens External link.

All important dates that you need to be aware of can be found on the page "Key dates and deadlines at Universityadmissions.se External link.". The online application opens approximately a month before application deadline for the respective admission rounds.

If it says in your preliminary assessment or under My Pages on Universityadmissons.se that you are unqualified to one or several courses/programmes you have applied for, it can be due to one of the following:

  • A review of your qualifications has revealed that you do not have a specific entry requirement.
  • You have previously been granted an exemption from entry requirements for a programme you have applied for.
  • An exemption means that you are exempted from one or more entry requirements for a specific programme on a specific occasion, and that you have not submitted a new application for exemption for the programme you applied for this semester.

Courses or programmes aimed at an international target group can be applied for via the English-speaking site Universityadmissions.se. Further information about application deadline for different courses and programmes can be found there.

If it says in your control message or under My pages at Universityadmissions.se that your search option is not selected, it may be due to one of the following:

  • You have previously been registered for the course you are applying for and therefore cannot apply again. You can then contact the academy that owns the course to possibly be re-registered for the course. This can only be done if the course has vacancies.
  • As a programme student, you may have applied for courses that are not part of your specialisation.

If it says EB by an option in your admission decision, your application has not been treated. It can be due to that you have submitted a late application after application deadline. Late applications are treated before selection 2.

Yes, you can be admitted if you have been placed in reserve. However, the higher the reserve place you have been allocated, the same number must withdraw in order to be offered a place on the programme you have applied for.

It is not possible to give any advance information on whether a reserve placement can lead to you being offered a place. Reserve admissions are made in chronological order according to the number of cancellations received.

There is no general time when the reserve admission ends. Reserves are called even after the programme has started as there may be drop-outs. How far into the programme you call up reserves varies depending on the programme.

In the second selection, you may have been deleted if you have forgotten to accept your admission after the first selection. You may also have been deleted because you have been admitted to higher prioritized options. In that case you can reapply via universityadmissons.se. The requirement is that you have been admitted in the First selection round and the course/programme is still open för late application. Read the instructions on how to reapply External link.. Your reapplication will be treated as a late application

If you have forgotten to accept your admission and the deadline has passed, your application will be deleted. You have thereby lost your admission. If you were qualified for your application option, you can log in and reapply on My Pages at Antagning.se or Universityadmissions.se.

Follow the instructions about Replying at Universityadmissions.se External link..

Actions and qualifications that are submitted after the supplement deadline count as late supplementary qualifications. If there are vacancies after the selection process, late supplementary qualifications may be included.

Supplements should be uploaded on Antagning.se/Universityadmission.se or sent to:
PostNord Strålfors AB
Att: University Admissions in Sweden
SE-190 81 Rosersberg

The qualifications are reviewed and registered by the date that they came in to the University Admissions. When the application is reviewed, you will get a message per e-mail or regular mail where you are urged to check your application details carefully. When your qualifications or supplementary qualifications have been registered, they appear on My Pages at Universityadmissions.se or Antagning.se.

On the statistics pages of the Swedish Council for Higher Education, you can see admission statistics for cources and programmes at all universities in Sweden. You can see the number of applicants, the number admitted and the minimum admission score per selection group for the different programmes. The admission figures show the number of admissions before any reserve admissions.

Admission statistics on the website of the Swedish Council for Higher Education (in Swedish) External link.


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