Selection, Merit Rating and Admissions Statistics

Being eligible for a programme does not mean that you are automatically admitted to the programme you have applied for. When there are more eligible applicants than there are places on a programme, the places are allocated by selection. To be able to compete for places in a programme, you need a merit ratomg. This merit is based on the education and training required to qualify. You can also find Admission Statistics that show what merit was needed last year to get into different programmes.


When there are more applicants than places available, a selection is made to determine who will be admitted. Your qualifications determine which selection group(s) you will be placed in. If you have several different qualifications, for example both grades and the university entrance exam, you can be placed in several selection groups at the same time. Being placed in several groups gives you a better chance of being admitted.

Merit rating

The Merit Rating with which you compete in the selection process to get a place in the programmes you have applied for. For those who have a final certificate from upper secondary school, the Merit Rating is the original grade in your final certificate + any supplementary certificates you have + any merit points that can be added.

Admission Statistics for Programmes and Courses

On the statistics pages of the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR), you can see Admission Statistics for programmes at all universities and university colleges in Sweden. You can see the number of applicants, the number admitted and the minimum admission score per selection group for the different programmes. The admission figures show the number of admissions before any reserve admissions.


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