FAQ for tuition fee paying students

On this page you will find some of the most common questions from tuition fee paying students. Have a look through the list to see if your question has already been answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Notification of Selection Results has been published on www.universityadmissions.se External link., you will get a notification that your invoice is available on your Ladok pages. followed with instructions on how access those pages. It is your responsibility to log in to your Ladok pages and retrieve your invoice.
The first time you log in, you must use the same login details as those you use on universityadmissions.se.
The payment must be received by University of Gävle by the date stated on the invoice.

A confirmation of payment will not be sent out. The responsibility lies with the student to keep track of their Ladok pages to see when the money has been received and registered with us.

When it says paid, you will be able to print a receipt, should one be needed.

The Notification of Admissions Result (PDF) on universityadmissions.se is the official copy of your admissions letter. If you are required to present an official copy of your admissions letter, please print out a copy of this pdf-document. The printed document will be recognised as your official admissions letter in Sweden and at Swedish embassies and consulates worldwide.

The condition regarding payment will not change on universityadmissions.se External link. when you have paid. It is not technically possible. All fee paying students have the same condition there even if they have paid the tuition fee. The Swedish Migration Agency receive information from the university when a student has paid their fee so they will not object to that condition.

You can apply for a residence permit after the tuition fee has been paid and the payment is registered in Ladok. The University informs the Swedish Migration Agency regarding your payment automatically as soon as we have received the payment.

How to apply for a residence permit External link.

The account holder is: Högskolan i Gävle

No. We only issue invoices in Swedish crowns (SEK). You can pay the invoice in a different currency. Please talk to your bank to receive help, if you are making the payment in a different currency.

Yes. Anyone can pay the invoice but make sure that they mention the reference number. Please note that in case of a reimbursement of the tuition fee it will only be reimbursed to the account from where the original transaction was carried out.

You can only pay your tuition fee in one payment, we do not accept partial payment.

No, you will have to organise your own health insurance in your home country.

All universities in Sweden have personal accident insurance that covers students during school hours through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

If your degree programme is longer than one year, you’re entitled to the same health benefits as Swedes after registering with the Swedish Tax Agency in order to receive a personal identity number. Once you’ve received your number, you’ll be entitled to all healthcare and pay Swedish patient fees.

Do note that this doesn’t cover your journey to Sweden or the time you spend in the country prior to receiving your personal identity number. To be fully covered for that period, you will need some form of insurance from your home country.

Please note that if you are admitted to a one year programme you will not be able to registering with the Swedish Tax Agency!

The mention of a contact person is optional. If you wright a contact person when you apply for your residence permit please use:

Name: Admissions Office
Email address: studentsupport@hig.se
Telephone number: +46 26 64 85 85

The Swedish Migration Agency and the Swedish Embassy work under secrecy policy, which means that no information can be disclosed to third parties (or to the universities). The University of Gävle is therefore not able to contact or affect the embassy about status updates, application for residence permit/D-visa or times for interviews. You will need to do this yourself. All contact with the Migration Agency or the Swedish Embassy needs to be done by the person who’s name is on the application for a residence permit/D-visa.

The start and end date of your programme is mentioned on your Notification of Selection Results at www.universityadmissions.se External link.

If you are admitted to a programme and want to delay the commencement of your studies, you can apply for deferral of studies. The period of deferment may amount to 18 months, unless there are specific reasons for a longer period of time.

You must have an acceptable reason for deferring your studies. These are:

  • Medical reasons
  • Social reasons

Other special circumstances such as:
Care of children.
Military service or civilian service.
Student union posts.
Postponed leave from your job under the Employee’s Right to Educational Leave Act (SFS 1974:981).
If you are a tuition fee paying student the tuition fee needs to be paid before you can apply for deferment. Please note that a residence permit rejection is not a valid reason.

The application for deferment of studies should be sent immediately, before start of the semester, to the University of Gävle. Enclose certificates that confirm your causes to deferments.

To claim your place if you been granted a deferment you must submit a new application to the programme for the next intake at Universityadmissions.se and send a copy of the deferral decision to University Admissions in Sweden External link..

You can only retrieve a Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Office if you have a residence permit that is valid at least 12 month from the day you arrive in Sweden.

Only students with a Swedish personal identity number are entitled to open a Swedish bank account. You can only retrieve a Swedish personal identity number from the Swedish Tax Office if you have a residence permit that is valid at least 12 month from the day you arrive in Sweden.

Students staying at University of Gävle less than 12 months will not have the possibility to open a Swedish bank account. So if you are staying less then 12 months you must have a VISA/Mastercard/Travel Card from your home country and/or have the possibility to use the internet transaction services through your home bank accounts in order to make payments in Sweden. It is also possible to send and receive a money order through the Western Union Bank offices.

Because of the transaction and conversion fees involved in frequent international transactions, you should in this situation be prepared to handle your expenses in cash. The Forex office allows international customers to open a limited savings account. They also provide a service for the payment of bills using cash, but take an administrative fee for doing so.

No, you will have to organise your own accommodation. Please remember to do so in good time before your arrival. The University of Gävle does not provide any student accommodation.

No. When we have received the tuition fee and it has been registered in Ladok the Swedish Migration Agency will automatically see that you have paid. You can, if needed, download your payment confirmation from your Ladok pages, and upload with your application for residence permit.

No. Please find application deadlines for scholarships here:

If your residency status changes (e.g. you have been granted European citizenship or changed your type of residence permit) you must submit documents to University of Gävle that certifies the change. A change in status does not affect the tuition fee for the semester that has already commenced, i.e. no reimbursements are possible.

For matters regarding reimbursement or change of residency status, please send an email to studentsupport@hig.se

An application for reimbursement must be made no later than three weeks after the start of the semester for which the reimbursement applies. In order for your application to be processed, you must withdraw your admission to the program or course to which you have been accepted.
Once a decision has been made, the refund will be carried out by our finance department.

The University of Gävle always deducts SEK 6.000 in administrative fees when refunding tuition fees. Decisions on reimbursement are made no earlier than three weeks after the start of the semester.

An application for reimbursement of the tuition fee must be submitted within three weeks from the start of the semester.

To be free from paying tuition fees follow the instructions below.

If you have an expired residence permit not based on studies and has applied for an extension you need to upload following documents at www.universityadmissions.se:

  • a copy of your previous residence permit decision that was granted for reasons other than studies
  • a receipt from Migrationsverket indicating that you have applied for an extension of your previous residence permit.

It is important that either your case number or check number is clearly mentioned on the receipt, as well your name so we can verify it refers to your application at Migrationsverket.

Please note that If you have a 12 month residence permit that was granted after completed university programme of at least two semesters in Sweden “ permit to seek employment or investigate the possibilities of starting your own company here”, the residence permit does not give an exemption for paying tuition fee and can not be extended.


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You can find more information on the Migration Agency's website, for example on residence permits.

Visit the Swedish Migration Agency External link.

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