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Graduation Ceremony June 2 2023

The ceremony takes place at the University.

Warm welcome!


The closing ceremony for the different programs looks roughly the same. It lasts approx. 1 hour with speeches by the head of the academy and head of education, and that flowers and diplomas are handed out to students from the respective the programs.


After the ceremony, there is a mingling in the foyer outside Valhall where you can meet teachers and students. We offer drinks and snacks, so we need to know how many people are coming.

Registration, no later than 12 may

Please note that the program has different links for registration. You will find them under the respective program name.

Study Programme in Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme and Sport Science

Time: 15.00
Date: June 2th
Place: Valhall

Register for the graduation ceremony for students on the Study Programme in Human Resources and Labour Relations Programme and Sport Science

Study Programme in Health Promotion through sustainable development and Nursing

Time: 13.00pm
Date: June 2th
Place: Valhall

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