Graduation Ceremony June 4th 2021

Welcome to a digital graduation ceremony at the Faculty for Health and Occupational Studies! We invite you and your family to a final ceremony on the 4 of June 2021.

You are welcome to a short alternative and digital exam session on Friday 4 June 2021. On your respective current courses (the last one of the semester) or your common Canvas page, a Zoom link is posted that you check in to at the right time.

Gather family and friends (according to the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden) and celebrate your graduation day digitally!

In order for all students to be given the opportunity to have family and friends participating via Zoom link, we need to limit the number of links that can be distributed per person. Please respect that. Assistant education leaders from each program give a live speech. Students at the Bachelor's Programme incl. Master students can share the link with 18 users/students. Please note that this ceremony is mixed with English and Swedish in different parts.

Bachelor of Science in Social Work - Specialization International Social Work

Date: June 4th
Time: 14.00pm
Place: Participate with Zoom (passcode: examen21)
Master students can share the link with 18 users/students.

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