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PPrivacy policy for the service

Description of is a service aimed at students at the University of Gävle. The service enables the creation of user accounts, as well as the recovery of passwords for student user accounts.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is transferred from the identity issuer to the service to ensure that you as a user get access to your information in the service and to provide you with a user-friendly interface.

In connection with logging into this service, the following personal data is requested from the identity issuer you use.

Personal data


Technical representation

Personal identification number

User Identification


Level of user identification assurance


Email address

To be able to contact you



In addition to direct personal data, indirect personal data is also transferred, such as which organization the user belongs to and which identity issuer has been used when logging in. In combination with the above personal data, these can be used to uniquely identify a person.

Other processing of personal data in the service

konto.hig,se logs usage, i.e. time and user and ip number for troubleshooting and security purposes.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

The previously mentioned information is sent to third parties when this is needed for the service.

Legal basis

The University of Gävle uses several IT systems, where usernames and passwords are required. This is part of the exercise of authority.

Right to register extracts, correction and deletion of personal data

For register extracts, correction and deletion of your personal data, contact the person in charge of personal data.

Correction of personal data transferred in connection with logging in is done in the identity issuer that you use to log in. This information is corrected in the service at the first login after the personal data is corrected in the identity issuer.

Removing of personal data

During the period of study at the University of Gävle, the personal data is not deleted.

Personal data controller

The personal data controller for the processing of personal data is the University of Gävle, Sweden. If you have questions about how personal data is handled within the service, contact

The data protection officer is, University of Gävle.

GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct

This service follows the international framework GÉANT Data Protection Code of Conduct ( for the transfer of personal data from identity issuers to the service. The framework is intended for services in Sweden, the EU and EEA that are used in research and higher education.

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