A student ID shows that you are a student at a university and makes you eligible for various student offers.

How to get a student ID

There are two ways to get a student ID, either by joining the Gefle Student Union or by applying for a Student ID directly from Mecenat or Studentkortet.

Join the Gefle Student Union

If you chose to become a member of the Gefle Student Union you will automatically get a patron card sent to your adress after you have paid the membership fee. The patron card is your student ID and a proof of Union membership.

Apply for a Student ID yourself

If you chose not to become a member of the Gefle Student Union you can order a student ID from Mecenat or Studentkortet. In order to do this you need to provide a registration certificate that shows that you are a student. You can create a registration certificate in Ladok External link..


If you want a "Mecenatkort" you need to contact the support at and apply for one. Send an email to with your personal information, university information and attach a registration certificate.


If you want a "Studentkort" you use the application form at to apply. Please note that when choosing school in the application form, do not choose "Högskolan i Gävle" but instead "Övriga/Annan".

HiG card

You need the HiG card to enter the University's premises during certain times.

Read more about the HiG card

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