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  • Bahrami, A., Blomberg, E., Boqvist, S., Lauridsen, M. & Eriksson, B. (2023). Experimental Investigation of Ultimate Shear Force Capacity of Glulam Reinforced with Glued-in Threaded Rods. Bentham, The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal, 17 (), (1-12). 10.2174/18748368-v17-e230418-2022-20 [Mer information]

  • Bahrami, A., Lindqvist, M., Lindqvist Berglund, L. & Eriksson, B. (2023). Important Criteria for Swedish Construction Companies to Choose Environmentally Friendly Concrete. CEJ, Civil Engineering Journal, 9 (1), (197-207). 10.28991/cej-2023-09-01-015 [Mer information]

  • Bahrami, A., Awn, R., Corona, J. & Eriksson, B. (2022). How Aware and Active is the Swedish Building and Real Estate Sector in Climate-Smart Concrete?. Seventh Sense Research Group, International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology, 70 (1), (126-138). 10.14445/22315381/IJETT-V70I1P214 [Mer information]

  • Stojanovic, B., Akander, J. & Eriksson, B. (2008). Natural and semi-natural field exposure testing and analysis, on optical degradation of a building integrated unglazed solar collector surface. Materials and Structures, 41 (6), (1057-1071). [Mer information]


  • Eriksson, B., Waldum, A., Riks, E., Andersson, T., Andersen, H. & Albatici, R. (2001). A PC based system for maintenance management of buildings : Description of the damage atlases. : CIB World Building Congress. [Mer information]

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  • Eriksson, B. & Westberg, K. (2000). Use of measured climatic data to estimate the micro environment at buildings. : ILCDES 2000 Helsinki, Finland. [Mer information]


    Eriksson, B. (2000). EU-project ENV4-CT98-0796 D02.01 Summary report on environmental damages : . : [Mer information]

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