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  • Rafique, S., Rana, S., Björsell, N. & Isaksson, M. (2024). Evaluating the advantages of passive exoskeletons and recommendations for design improvements. SAGE, Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, 11 (), (1-13). 10.1177/20556683241239875 [Mer information]

  • Masud, N., Rafique, S., Smith, C. & Isaksson, M. (2023). Design control and actuator selection of a lower body assistive exoskeleton with 3-D passive compliant supports. Springer, Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering, 45 (12), 10.1007/s40430-023-04480-8 [Mer information]

  • Christensen, S., Rafique, S. & Bai, S. (2021). Design of a powered full-body exoskeleton for physical assistance of elderly people. Sage, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 18 (6), (1-15). 10.1177/17298814211053534 [Mer information]

  • Jain, P., Bera, T., Rafique, S., Singla, A. & Isaksson, M. (2020). Comparative study of knee joint torque estimations for linear and rotary actuators using bond graph approach for stand–sit–stand motions. Sage Publications, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 17 (5), (1-13). 10.1177/1729881420963742 [Mer information]

  • Singh Rupal, B., Rafique, S., Singla, A., Singla, E., Isaksson, M. & Singh Virk, G. (2017). Lower-limb exoskeletons. Sage Publications, 10.1177/1729881417743554 [Mer information]


  • Nadeem, M., Rafique, S. & Ali, L. (2023). Design, FE Analysis and Experimental Validation of a Passive Vibration Isolator for Electronic Equipment of a Mobile Vehicle. : 2023 IEEE 18th Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA). [Mer information]

  • Rafique, S., Rana, S., Björsell, N. & Isaksson, M. (2023). Using robotic exoskeletons to reduce muscle activity of workers. [Mer information]

  • Bai, S., Christensen, S., Islam, M., Rafique, S., Masud, N., Mattsson, P., O’Sullivan, L. & Power, V. (2019). Development and testing of full-body exoskeleton AXO-SUIT for physical assistance of the elderly. [Mer information]

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  • Christensen, S., Bai, S., Rafique, S., Isaksson, M., O'Sullivan, L., Power, V. & Virk, G. (2019). AXO-SUIT. Cham, Springer Netherlands. [Mer information]

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