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  • Romanov, P., Jahedi, A., Carlestam, A., Moshfegh, B., Norman, V., Peng, R. & Calmunger, M. (2024). Hardening of Cylindrical Bars with Water Impinging Jet Quenching Technique. Wiley, 10.1002/srin.202300884 [Mer information]


  • Romanov, P., Jahedi, M., Petersson, A., Moshfegh, B. & Calmunger, M. (2023). Quenching of Carbon Steel Plates with Water Impinging Jets: Differential Properties and Fractography. [Mer information]

  • Romanov, P., Jahedi, M., Moshfegh, B. & Calmunger, M. (2021). Water impinging jet quenching of boron steels by different simultaneous cooling rates. [Mer information]


    Gebeyaw, G., Romanov, P., Jahedi, M., Calmunger, M. & Moshfegh, B. (2023). Effect of spatial-temporal behavior of a newly developed cooling system on carbon and stainless steel bar properties : . Gävle: Gävle University Press. s 19. (Working paper 63) Mer information [Mer information]

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