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  • Nazir, H., Abro, S. & Iqbal, A. (2024). Windcatchers as a Green Ventilation Device: A Lost Tale From Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. SAGE, 10.1177/00219096241230486 [Mer information]

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  • Iqbal, A., Nazir, H. & Awan, M. (2023). Design of external shading devices in Mansehra, Pakistan and their role in climate change. Frontiers, Frontiers in Energy Efficiency, 1 (), 10.3389/fenef.2023.1244106 [Mer information]

  • Iqbal, A. & Midhat, M. (2022). Morphological Characteristics and Fear of Crime: A Case of Public Spaces in the Global North and South. Ingenta, Built Environment, 48 (2), (206-221). [Mer information]

  • Iqbal, A., Nazir, H. & Memon, R. (2022). Shopping centers versus traditional open street bazaars: A comparative study of user’s preference in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Frontiers, Frontiers in Built Environment, 8 (), 10.3389/fbuil.2022.1066093 [Mer information]

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  • Iqbal, A. & Ceccato, V. (2015). Is CPTED useful to guide the inventory of safety in parks?. Sage Publications, International Criminal Justice Review, 26 (2), (150-168). [Mer information]

Övrigt vetenskapligt

  • Iqbal, A. (2023). Book Review: <em>Crime and fear in public places: Towards safe, inclusive, and sustainable cities</em> by V. Ceccato and M. K. Nalla. Sage, International Criminal Justice Review, 33 (3), (332-333). [Mer information]


  • Iqbal, A. (2017). Park Matters : Studies on Safety and Property Values. Diss. (sammanfattning), 2017. Stockholm: KTH Royal Institute of Technology. 101 s. ( ) [Mer information]

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Kapitel i böcker

  • Shah, A., Soomro, T., Akbar, N., Iqbal, A. & Abubakar, I. (2023). Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings: An Ecological Indicator. Urban Metabolism and Climate Change: Perspective for Sustainable Cities. Springer. S. 111-134. [Mer information]

  • Iqbal, A. (2021). Inclusive, Safe and Resilient Public Spaces: Gateway to Sustainable Cities?. Urban Transition - Perspectives on Urban Systems and Environments [Working Title]. IntechOpen. [Mer information]

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