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Assistant Professor at the Department of Business and Economic Studies with a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused in Purchasing and Information Systems from Stockholm School of Economics. Conducts research from a business perspective mainly within the field of sustainability, supply chain management/value chain management and digitalization. Examples on current projects: The role and perception of purchasing in achieving increased circularity, and Safety along the construction industry supply chain – digitalization and knowledge sharing.

Previous research projects include projects on governance of sustainability in organizations, sustainable supply chains and circular economy business models.

Teaching courses on Bachelor and Master level such as Leadership and Gender, Leadership and Organization, Brand Management, Services Marketing, Market Theories and Sustainability Management.

From working several years outside academia, skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility, Supply Chain, Market Research, Management, Business Intelligence, and Business Development.

Co-author of the Swedish version of “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management” together with the legendary Dutch purchasing Professor Arjan van Weele.

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  • Arbin, K. & Julander, C. (2007). Is RFID the solution to inventory problems in the retail supply chain?. Lund, Studentlitteratur AB. [Mer information]

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