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PhD students on digitalization and Robotic Exoskeletons, Electrical Engineering

About the workplace

University of Gävle is human-centred and develops the understanding of a sustainable living environment. One strategic research araea is Intelligent Industry. The University of Gävle has approximately 16 000 students and more than 50 study programmes and second-cycle programmes. 750 courses are offered in the fields of Humanities, Social and Natural Sciences and Technology.

The number of employees is around 750. Of these, approximately 500 teachers and researchers and 200 are in charge of administration. Regardless our work duties two things unite us: To support and guide our students during their study time and work for the University's research to benefit the community.

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Work tasks

The employment is fulltime, 80% research and 20% teaching and other duties. It will be effective as soon as possible. The position will be located in Gävle, Sweden.

1. Digitalization

The University of Gävle is currently making a strategic investment in research related to the ongoing transformation of industry based on interconnected digital technologies, often called Industry 4.0. One doctoral student is recruited to further strengthen the research teams that cover both technical and organisational aspects of digitalization and Industry 4.0.

This research project is based on the process in which the industry digitizes its manufacturing and maintenance. As part of that work, digital (cyber) models of physical components and machines are developed, often referred to as Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS); within which information from all related perspectives is monitored and synchronized between the physical factory oor and the cyber computational space. The project is part of a larger mltidiciplinary project in which collaboration with researchers from other diciplines, such as industrial management and computer science is key. Within the scope of the project system of system models of industrial process will be developed. The modelling will take into account system performance as well as aspects related to industrial organization an data visualization.

2. Robtics, Exoskeleton

An intelligent modular robotic exoskeleton has a wide range of medical and Industrial applications. The spectrum of exoskeletons applications ranges from individuals with weak body segments or those suffering from a body part pathology, to the growing aging population, to those requiring rehabilitation, to those involved in heavy duty work such as in the construction industry, to those involved in search and rescue operations after natural and other disasters, and so on.

This is an academic-industry joint project right from the start and a number of Universities and commercial companies may be involved in this collaborative project.

Project aims - To carry out research towards development of a modular robotic exoskeleton for assistance - To design and develop a prototype and perform end user tests in mobile labs.



The PhD position requires a masters degree in electrical engineering, engineering physics, or equivalent. Research and professional experiences in this field of research is particularly meritorious. The candidate must be proficient in English and an understanding of Swedish is an advantage.


Scope of employment
Form of employment: Temporary employment
Scope: Full-time

Last application date: 2019-05-30
Reference number: HIG-STÖD 2019/241
Send a digital application via the link "Sök tjänsten" below.

University of Gävle strives to be an inclusive workplace that promotes equal opportunities and attracts qualified candidates who can contribute to the Universitys excellence and diversity. We welcome applications from all sections of the community and from people of all backgrounds.

In the event of linguistic differences in the advertisement, the Swedish advertisement is the original. The Swedish ad can be found on the University's website, www.hig.se/ledigajobb


Anställningsform: Tidsbegränsad anställning
Omfattning: Heltid
Varaktighet: 6 månader eller längre
Antal platser: 1


Sista ansökningsdag: 2019-05-30

Arbetsgivarens referensnummer: HIG-STÖD 2019/241

Upplysningar lämnas av:

Magnus Isaksson
Head of Department
Telefon: +46(0)26648249
E-post: min@hig.se

Daniel Rönnow
Telefon: (046) 26-648593
E-post: daniel.ronnow@hig.se

Sajid Rafique
Universitetsadjunkt- kontaktperson, Robotik
E-post: sajid.rafique@hig.se

Facklig(a) företrädare
Kia Sundberg-Kimhag
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: kia.kimhag@hig.se

Lars Borbos
Fackförbundet ST
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: lbs@hig.se

Maria Savela
Telefon: 026-64 85 00 vxl
E-post: maria.savela@hig.se


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