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Group study rooms in the Library

Students at the University of Gävle can book and use the group study rooms in the Library. Some of these rooms can be booked in advance and some cannot be booked at all.

Book a group study room

Always check the Library's opening hours, as the booking system KronoX does not take into account special opening hours. The booking can be made two weeks in advance.

To book a group study room:

  1. Go to the the booking system KronoX and log in.
  2. Click on Resource Booking to view the schedule for the group study rooms.
  3. Don't forget to log out when you have finished!
More information about the group study rooms in the Library

Only students at the University of Gävle can book a group study room.

The group study rooms vary in size. In the largest ones there is room for 8 people, the smaller ones are suitable for 4 people. There are also a few group study rooms that cannot be booked.

Keep in mind that the rooms are intended for group work. For individual studies, we refer to seats in the open library or in our quiet reading room.

The rooms are numbered like this: 23:218. Number 23 means it is in the library building, 2 means the room is on the entrance floor, and 18 is the room number.

Booking for special events

Student organisations have the opportunity to book group study rooms for special events.

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